Thursday, December 4, 2014

On the mend...

Ugh I'm telling you being a homeschool Mom whilst under the weather stinks!!  But we chugged along at a less than speedy pace but we were productive nonetheless.  Ari took an amazing nap this morning form 8-12:30 so the children did their spelling and grammar.  They both spent about 2 hours working on their research projects.  Kendall finished hers complete with title page, glossary, bibliography, fact boxes, images and hand drawn pictures. It is AMAZING!  I'm so proud of her and to be honest it reminds me of a report that I would have done in middle school!  She totally rocked it out.  We talked about what proofreading and editing is and she read through it twice to make sure there were no errors. 
Tyler's typing skills aren't quite what Kendall's are (she has 2 more years of practice under her belt) so he's taking longer to type it but his paper is coming along so well.  
spelling in the foreground and typing in the background!
Ty's title page
Ty's notes
Ty's awesome drawing!
title page
When they are both done we are going to go to Staples and have them spiral bound and put into presentation folders.

In a continued effort to kick my cold, Kendall helped me make another spicy juice!!  YUM!!
shake, shake, shake
We watched "walking with cavemen" on Netflix this afternoon!  Was graphic but very informative!
Homemade sewing projects from Kendall to everyone in the family this year for the holidays!
I have to say that I am definitely looking forward to Friday!!

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