Monday, December 8, 2014

How is it MONDAY again!?

LOL!  It was a stinker of a weekend I must say.  Well, not really!!  I was surrounded by friends and family and shopping for most of it but I was still under the weather.  But I pushed through and truth be told the cold is on it's way out.  It's just at the "I'm over this it's super annoying I want to be done with it" phase.

So today I was extra happy because Ian was home for the morning.  I had a scheduled 6 month dental cleaning and needed his help with the kids.  Even though he was working it's just so nice having him here.  We did our spelling and DEAR time and in between the kids did a fabulous art/journaling/writing project.  I asked them to write at least 10 things about themselves.  We then cut those sentences into strips for the project.
I found this on - wherelse!?!?  Pintrest.  Thank you contributor and thank you Pintrest!!

The kids did some math during lunch and then I let them have free play.  They read and then did some pretend play together for quite a while.  They came into the classroom to draw.  Ari went down for a very short afternoon "rest" (it didn't qualify as a nap!  lol!) so I allowed the children to watch the Peter Pan Live that was on the other night.
I don't really groove on Christopher Walken as Hook??
 They LOVED it!!  They were so great today I even let them have dinner in front of the tv!!  gasp!!  They were in heaven.  We spent an hour and a half reading about early man this evening before everyone headed to bed for more reading and drawing.  Off to sort holiday gifts!!!

I can't seem to warm up!!!  Always with a hat!  And my snuggly kids!!

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