Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Happy To Announce...


I'm here today posting about some VERY exciting crafty news in my life!!  Since our decision to have a third child and remove our two school age children from public school and homeschool them I've had to make some huge adjustments to my daily life.  That is not a complaint, just a fact!  =)  I'm more than happy to do it and wouldn't want it any other way.

That being said, I used to create something every single day.  I was on multiple design teams and always kept up on what was new, trendy and fun in the crafty industry.  I still read blogs, try to watch the crafty trends and keep up on what's new and fabulous in the industry but after having my third it was hard to get back to that time.  I am a very slow crafter.  I like to really think about and plan a project.  I like to gather my supplies, lay them out, and stare at them for a while before starting anything.  Then I slowly and rather methodically move through my creating process.  Sometimes a project could take me a couple of hours and other times I'd leave it on my desk and come back to it for a few days in a row changing, adding, moving, etc until I had it just how I wanted it.  Well friends, those days are gone (for now).  I am so grateful to have my children with me all day and all night but that's just it, they are with me always.  And my hours that I used to have when they were at school are now theirs.  So I've had to alter the way I approach a project, a card, a layout, etc.  I've also had to alter my style a bit and bring it down a few notches.  I've always loved the CAS (clean and simple) approach but found it hard to do.  So I practiced and played around and I seem to have found some groove with it.  Sometimes I can't help myself and I add more but that's ok, too!

But I'm getting off track here a bit.  In my blog trolling a few weeks ago I saw that one of my favorite companies, The Alley Way Stamps, was having a design team call.  I read through the information and thought for a while.  I decided that I needed to pull back some little piece of 'me' each day.  Even if it was a teeny, tiny bit.  So I submitted a new design and two older designs into the design team call.  There were SO many talented entries!!

I was BEYOND shocked and thrilled when I was contacted by the fabulous Alison owner and illustrator of TAWS inviting me to join her design team!!  I've been a fan of Alison's since the Stretch N' Bubbles days!  Such adorable images.  Sweet, fun and simple.  Just perfect for my new "style" of keeping it simple.

I submitted this as a new creation for the call:
You can read all about how I created it and what techniques I used in this post here.  It uses Castaway's and Sea Mates both totally adorable sets from TAWS!!

I am so beyond honored to be designing for The Alley Way Stamps!  I'm super excited to be joining an already established amazing team of designers along with some of us newbies as well!!  Come on over to the TAWS blog and check out today's post!!

See you soon with lots of TAWS fun!!

Crafty Hugs!