Friday, December 12, 2014

We love Friday!!

Greetings!!  I tried posting last night but blogger was being uncooperative so today's a two-fer!  Yesterday we had a regular day of school with the focus on cave paintings! We did a virtual tour of the caves at Lascaux.  Talk about AWESOME!!  We did the tour 4 times over.  Then we opened up some brown, paper grocery bags and I set out some rustic brushes and sticks along with earth colored paint and let the kids have at it!  They even used some of my spray mists that I use in my crafting to create an outline of their hands the way early man did.

Today was a busy day as far as schooling was concerned.  They had a spelling quiz AND they had a 3 page test on their knowledge of early mammals and man.  They ROCKED it out!!  I let them use their notes but I am thrilled that they are able to navigate through their notes to help them find the correct answers.  They played a lengthy game of Timeline after their tests.  If you aren't familiar with it's a fantastic card game that teaches when things happened in history.  We have both the inventions version and diversity version.  We combine the two to make the game more challenging.  It's totally awesome and such a great learning experience!  We had a group reading session after this and then Ari was up.  We headed to our local trampoline park for a 3 hour jump session!!  What a great way to end a Friday!

mammals and early man test
rocked it out!

totally awesome!
appropriate I thought!!
brain drain time!!  We jumped for 2 1/2 hours and then they used their allowance money to play video games!
What a great day!!  See y'all next week!

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