Monday, December 1, 2014

Fa la la la la la la la la!!

Well not 'quite' yet but it IS Dec 1!  I don't have a tree yet, or lights but we did listen to holiday music in the classroom today!!  The week was blissful.  Ian came home early on Wednesday and we just had a fantastic bunch of days.  We had an amazing Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law (in-law's) family!  My SIL Audra's husband Tim is the youngest of 7 kids in an amazing family.  We were so blessed to be able to be a part of their enormous gathering complete with wonderfully, fantastic people, great food, lots of fun for the kids AND an ice skating rink ALL TO OURSELVES!  It was bliss!!
day before Thanksgiving reading!  This is a great book!!
A little Thanksgiving fun!
It's NOT Thanksgiving without THIS classic!!!
snuggled up - movie time at PS is uncomfortable in your stiff you get blankets and pillows!  =)

and a snuggle from your favorite pooch!
first REAL snow!!!
playing with friends!!
taters for 50+!
Uncle Timmy!!  (and Ty's AWESOME Bauer hat!)
on the ice!
loved hockey!!  
Ari didn't want to leave the ice!
this was their 4th or 5th time out!
now THIS is a Thanksgiving crowd!!
complete with Pinterest turkeys!
out the next morning!
our local holiday shopping stroll!
and no holiday weekend is complete without a visit to the library!
learning how to use the self-checkout
it was bright!
hey Auntie - look what I'm reading!!
yes - that IS a cookie the size of her face!
a new and AWESOME market near us!

jamming to Nirvana for the first time - Smells Like Teen Spirit (love!)'s taco night!
The weekend went on with shopping and visits with family.  The kids played, created, enjoyed the snow, read and played some more.  None of us wanted it to end.  But, as all good things do - Monday arrived too quickly!!  We buckled down today as we intend to do until Christmas week when we're going to take a good couple of weeks off!  Today wrapped up our unit on dinosaurs.  We discussed the many theories on how scientists think the dinosaurs may have died out and then we ended the day with a fresh batch of "ooblek" for the dinosaurs to find their final resting home in.  lol!!  Despite Ari not napping this am (gasp!) the kids were able to focus and complete their journaling, spelling, grammar, and DEAR time.  We also read and discussed a great deal about the extinction of the dinosaurs and we peeked a bit into our next unit study.

Our unit this and next week is on the rise of mammals and man.  It's going to be so fun!  We're looking forward to learning about early man, creating cave drawings and learning about how they survived.
morning yoga!
here we go!
an organized desk = an organized mind (for me!)
guess who didn't want to nap this am!?!!?  grrrrrrrrrr...
he apparently has WAY too much to do!
lunchtime!  during lunch we FINALLY finished a very long book we've been working on for a long time now called The Benedict Society.  It was GREAT and the kids were so proud to finish it!!  
Advent calendars compliments of Nana Nancy!!  
walking in the rain!
yes Uncle Beefy - she's commandeered your grey hoodie!
afternoon snack
math time for K - T finished his in the morning 
one of Ty's amazing drawings - he worked on this while K did her math
note the tongue - ALSO focused - making ooblek!
from this book (which is AMAZING!!!)

It's a MUST have for parents of kids of any age!
they played for 2 hours!!!
Kendall is off at sewing tonight and Ian and Ty are playing a new Wii Lego Batman movie!!  I'm off to prep for tomorrow!

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