Saturday, October 10, 2009

Angel Bear!! Compliments of Robyn's Fetish!!

Are you still awake? Are you just getting up? Did you rock it out all night with the RF party??? I DO HOPE SO!!!

In honor of today's PARTY FOR THE OPENING DAY AT ROBYN'S FETISH we are constantly being issued challenges!! We were given this adorable bear to create with!! Some of the ladies were so good and stayed up most of the night! With my 2 little ones that's not SO much of an option but I've been up since 5 am EST rockin' it out with the fab gals from RF!! You've got to come over and see what's going on!!! So much gorgeousness and creativity!!!
I created this card with my daughter in mind...she's often found wearing mismatched clothes (something I purposefully taught her to do!), mismatched socks and fairy wings!! She's her own person....willful, sweet, delicious and totally purposeful in everything that she does!! And I can see my son becoming the same confident individual as well!! I'm blessed beyond blessed!!

Here's a quick shot of my fab girl...This card's for you baby!!!




Lisa said...

Love the sewing on the card and the bright cheery papers!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

love your card and your model! What a cutie!

Patricia St Martin said...

dancing bear is really cute. nice job on coloring. your daughter is really cute.