Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!


Today is my fabulous friend Joanne's birthday. I wanted to give her a shout out and wish her the BEST birthday EVER!!!

She is ALSO an amazing source of inspiration to me both personally and creatively. We met early on in college, she was my Maid of Honor in my wedding...ahem...13 years ago! (yikes!) We've been through ups, downs and all arounds together and now we're in this kid raising thing together...THANK GOD!! =)

Joanne is the one who got my friends and I HOOKED on this fabulous world of crafting. Sure...I'd dabbled in scrapbooking for years off and on not having any real clue what I was doing. And then SHE went to a SU! Workshop and it was history from there!!

She has made a name for herself in the crafting world and I constantly go to her for advice, words of wisdom and help! =)

She is an amazing person but beyond that has ALWAYS dear, dear friend...who I could count on for my good and my bad. And I will always thank her and love her for that.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling friend!!!!

OH and right!! A SHAMELESS plug!! ;) Well...not so shameless...I'm proud to have added a Tutorial section on the left hand side of my site. The first tutorial is something that Joanne put together to display how she creates her amazing "Buttony Bow!" I've been using it a LOT lately as it's SO easy and so fun and makes SUCH an impact on a project!!

PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT!!! She's a fabulous teacher and an amazing crafter!!!

Thanks for reading!!


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Unknown said...

Oh sweetness, I adore you! I'm so glad that you join me on this crazy crafty train, and I just love that it brings you such JOY! I'm so thrilled for all the good things happening for you, you deserve every BIT of happiness. Old friends are dearest... smooches!!!!