Saturday, November 21, 2009

RF Weekly!!! Style Challenge!!

Hello Hello!! Welcome to another week of Robyn and Donna's FABULOUS challenges!!! This week's challenge is as follows:

  • Your challenge for this week is to create a card/paper craft project that has a vintage or shabby chic feel to it.
  • You can use any RF image.
After receiving our DT challenges for the months of Oct and Nov, I read through them and THIS one jumped out at me and practically knocked me over. In a flash I knew exactly what Robyn's Fetish Image I wanted to use. Although I wasn't entirely sure WHAT I was going to do with this it ever so slowly formulated itself over about 4 days.

I've created a Vintage Purse Garland! I wanted simple, clean, not my standard blingidy bling. Quiet, somewhat serene, peaceful. Something that you just look at and love.

I started by enlarging the purse image in MS Paint...super easy. I then printed it out on 3 different pieces of Designer Paper. I adhered the three respective purses to a lightweight chipboard. I then trimmed them out and filed the edges to smooth the cutting out a bit as well as to begin the distressing process.

Each bag started out with my gold paint pen to color in the purse hardware. Since they were all going to be so different, I wanted to create some continuity among them. And they all have the same purse feet. Yes...they are really called feet. You know a bag is a good bag when it has feet on it. But I digress...I cut 6- 3/4" circles and hot glued them to the bottom back of each purse. Roughly half way through the circle so that only a semi-circle would show for the feet. I then used regular white glue to stick my silver, vintage, real glass glitter to the feet. Once the feet were dry I went over them again with the glue and the glitter with a final touch up of Silver Stickles. I really wanted them to shine!

For all the purses my procedures were the same. I scuffed them up with my sanding block, and a variety of ink pads and then a nail file. Each purse has it's own little touch.

The green one has a small, distressed embellishment with a minty green brad in the center.The ivory and rust colored flowered one has vintage reproduction stickers so I trimmed one out that I thought matched nicely along with the AIX LES BAINS sticker. But after I added them on I really beat them up with my nail file. It looks SO cool!! Lastly, the pink purse received a felt flower that I sort of made. I have these flat felt flowers but I wanted something 'corsage' like. So I gathered the bottom and zipped it through my sewing machine. I then rubbed a grey ink pad over it to "dirty it up" a bit. And hot glued it to the purse. I then created the hanging structure which is nothing more than picture hanging wire and 2 three ring binder rings. I used bulldog clips to hold the purses on and attach them to the wire.

I carefully chose ribbon that would compliment each purse and completely distressed the ribbons...basically to shreds!! =)

Thanks SO much for visiting!!! I hope you enjoyed my creation!!



Lisa said...

How wonderful Meredith! Love your take on the challenge. Very creative!!!


Sara said...

Oh my goodness Meredith, you always completely amaze me! This is beyond gorgeous!!