Monday, November 2, 2009

QKD Royal Wed - NEW RELEASES!!!!

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to yet ANOTHER new release!!! The Queen has been VERY busy!!! =) I want to RE-introduce you all to Nivea (who you saw during our last new release) but THIS time she has a GORGEOUS background to work with!! YAY!!!
And it's also another ROYAL MONDAY HOP!!! If you hopped here from the Penny's blog then you are on the right track!! If you stumbled here 'just because' you'll DEFINITELY want to start at the beginning of the hop so as not to miss one of the teams GORGEOUS creations!!

Nivea now has a BEAUTIFUL castle complete with princess turrets, gardens and BUBBLES galore...of COURSE!!!I wanted to do something 'different' with her so I looked around my studio. I had purchased some decor for my kitchen that ended up being damaged...from Linens and Things and since they are long out of business I just put it in the 'eventually will be used' pile.

So it was an easy 'go-to' for me this project. I wanted an eclectic and funky feel to it so I grabbed a bunch of mis-matchy scrap and set to it. I adhered the green dotted paper first on one edge. I then layed it down - face down - and used my Exacto craft knife to trim around the rest of the edges and I then adhered it all with 'red-liner' tape so that the entire 'canvas' if you will, was covered in the green paper with polka dots. I then set that aside. I turned my focus to coloring Nivea. I used my Copics, gold paint pen, and my white gel pen. I had a GREAT time coloring her!!!I matted her on light blue, kraft and gold papers incrementally...corner rounding the gold paper. I then used some red scrap DP, corner rounded and zig zag stitched them together.

I then added a beautiful, sheer turquoise with white polka dot buttony, bow combo that I learned from my bestie friend in real life Joanne!! Such a great technique!!
I then went back to working on the plaque. I added some funky wave paper in opposing colors and shapes and stitched on some red pom pom trim. I adhered that to the right edge. I then added my Nivea with Background all done and matted up and sat back and looked at it.

It was GREAT...but missing....that.....something. I looked around and had another largish scrap with these pink, green and blue bullseyes all over it. I grabbed my 1-1/4" punch and punched them all out. I adhered them to thin cardboard and coated them with lots of glossy glaze! I let them dry overnight and added them in the am with 3-D glue dots. The effect I wanted was complete!! I think they look like funky bubbles swirling all around her in her beautiful world!!!
I am THRILLED at how it all turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!!!

Now off you go to Linda's blog to see her beautiful creation!!!

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Unknown said...

very interesting! I love the card.

Sara Henton said...

Holey Smoley you were on a roll!! She's so pretty!!

Penny said...

another fab card!!!

Maigan Lynn said...

I am commenting on all three because I just can't help myself! The green makes her look toxic! I LOVE it!!!! You've been a busy lady! lol! AWESOME!

Ashley Newell said...

This is so cool!