Friday, November 6, 2009

Royal Court Crop - New assignment...Thankful...

This next assignment was to come up with a 3-D piece for Thanksgiving. We had to use 2 QKD stamps, 2 embellishments and the color red.
I literally JUST this past Wednesday purchased this awesome 1/2 gallon Mason jar at Michael's for $2. I've told you before that I love things that are in miniature form but also in JUMBO form!! I thought it was SO cool and I knew that I could do SOMETHING with it. And then this challenge was issued!I grabbed the jar knowing instantly what I was going to use it for. Whenever we sit around the kitchen, my DH, my 5 year old daughter and my 3.5 year old son we TRY to remember to say one thing that we're thankful for every day. It's not necessarily surrounding meal time, sometimes it coincides but it just happens whenever we're sitting together. So I decided to make this our THANKFUL jar. We now write what we're thankful for each day, scroll the paper up and put it in the jar. It can be something big...small...or in between.
I started with the lid. I measured out the inner piece of the Mason jar top and trimmed a circle out using my Cricut. I, of course, distressed the edges. I then stamped the word LOVE, in red, from this amazing QKD set. I proceeded to use my sparkly Sakura pens to color in the image. I then trimmed it up a bit and adhered it to the lid. I didn't want anything too dimensional on the lid as it will be opened a lot.

I then moved onto the band around the jar. I measured and trimmed and stitched then used my 'red liner' tape to adhere the band of yellow with the matching button paper to the jar.
I tied this red ADORABLE chicken ribbon (which I've been dying to use for YEARS now!!) around the jar and adorned it with a Buttony Bow. I then made a little distressed flag that says "We are thankful for...". I wrote it in my handwriting (which stinks!) but it worked. I adhered it to the jar with 3-D glue dots. Lastly I added a hang tag using the QKD Mini Sweets Set pulling out the word 'Enjoy'. I stamped it in red and heat embossed it. I tied it on with a little bit of extra twine that was on my desk.

I loved this challenge!!! This jar is now sitting smack dab in the middle of my kitchen table and looks AWESOME!!

Thanks Vicki for this great challenge!!

And thanks for visiting!!



linnes said...

To sweet! Love your piece!

Anita said...

So cute Meredith.

Penny said...

gorgeous - love it

Nancyroo said...

great idea and very cute!

Lara said...

What a fantastic idea!! So cute! I'm sure your kids will love it! What a fanstastic way to start a tradittion!