Monday, January 25, 2010


The last year has been a journey for me. Good, bad, indifferent... I've learned a lot. I know where to focus my energy...and where not to. I've learned how to be me...with all of it's oddities, eccentricities, and quirks. I work on it daily.In any event...last April, my husband and I along with our dogs and gorgeous kiddies went to our house in Maine for a week. We spent it mostly taking lots of nature walks, doing lots of arts and crafts, puzzles, block building, etc. I did some small crafts at night for myself to soothe my soul.
I didn't have a ton with me. I just brought up a few tools and some scraps, knowing I wouldn't have a TON of time to craft.

I was journaling about what I considered to be PURE Bliss in my life and within that process I decided that I wanted to do something altered with these thoughts.

So...I looked around and grabbed a one of my kiddies mini raisin boxes. I used ribbon, paper and glittered scallop scraps to alter this box. I was so happy with how it came out. I then needed a way to take my thoughts and put them into my new Bliss Box.
I grabbed some notebook paper and some thing cardboard that was in the recycling bin from a cracker box or something. I doodled and wrote and decorated....making sure that my doodled journaling piece would fit in the box. Once I was done I folded it a couple of times and considered myself done. I love this tiny reminder of all the wonderful things in my life...and all the things that I love.I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this piece!



Sally said...

Great idea. Now you need to scrapbook about it along with pictures of you walks that inspired you to make this box. LOL

Michelle B said...

Very Inspirational Meredith! this is such a great idea... I love the story that inspired you.


Tammy said...

Oh its beautiful Meredith, great recycling too!

Kristyn said...

Great job!! Mary would be proud you are recycling everything up there too!!

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