Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

For any of you who know me in real life know how I feel about my brother, Ethan.

Besides my darling husband and my children he is IT for me. It's too much to get into here but he is my W O R L D. He makes my family complete and whole.

He is the best brother, brother in law, uncle, friend that anyone could ever imagine. My love for him is unconditional and unbending. I am blessed to have him as my brother.
This is the card that I made for his recent birthday. I used the Martha Stewart BC Awareness set as I love the images as they are powerful and strong. And for what my brother and I have lived through together...the images are very fitting.

I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I enjoyed making it.

Happy Birthday Ethan!!




Sally said...

Fabulous card. I too feel that way about my brothers. I am fortunate to have 2 of them.

Kendra said...

Wow... I think it's fantastic that you have that connection with your brother. I grew up an only child and swore I would not have only children... this is how I envision having a sibling to be... perfect (although I'm sure not always, but the unconditional, unbinding love kind)... you are lucky to have each other!!!! Hence, me and my 4 kids!

Alicia said...

Beautiful card. :) I am an only child so I do appreciate having three brother-in-laws and two sister-in-laws who are like real siblings to me.

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