Monday, January 18, 2010

Nurturing Creativity...

My Mother (pictured above and below) raised me by nurturing my creativity. Thankfully. As she herself was a true artist in not only the Fine Arts but also in Decorating, Fashion, Sewing/Knitting, and Musically. Not only could she read sheet music as if it were written in plain English (it always baffled me - as I was never able to read music no matter how hard I tried) but she could hear a piece of music and simply...tinker with the piano keys for a while and then just play the song. It was truly amazing. So as a child I was always given lots and lots of art supplies for birthdays and holidays.
Now that I am a Mumma to my two precious babies...I have adopted her philosophy of CREATIVITY IS KING!! It's up there on my list among my other favorite and absolutes as a parent...books, puzzles, blocks and nature. Lots of imagination and no batteries required!!!

I LOVE that my studio space is JUST big enough to encompass a Childcraft Table and Chairs.

The Kiddie Space - those are actually Ikea chairs...but I'm literally going up in the attic now to get the matching Childcraft ones as these are getting wobbly. And's typically in any various stage of clean up, project, playspace, etc.
Oh wait...just like MY space! LOL! I've just photographed my is. This isn't a magazine where it has to look perfect...because usually when it's clean it literally lasts for 5 seconds..before it looks like this again.
This is where I of my all time favorite things in this room is my vintage 1980's lucite lamp in the corner. But I MUST get a different shade as this is the original...and it's positively PUTRID!!
Ribbon Storage, sewing machine, and to the right of this is where I'm sitting right now typing =)

In ANY event...I've created this long winded post to show you a bit of artwork that my darling babies have done. It amazes me what they come up with and how far they come each and every time they create.

Some gorgeous mixed media "cards" from my daughter. One for me and one for Daddy!

My 3 year old son learning how to write his name (above) and may I introduce you to what we call "Fried Egg Eye Guy!".

I am so lucky and blessed every day to be able to be home with them and watch their creativity boom. My Mother would be proud...

And that's what I have for you today!! I hope you've enjoyed! =)



Sally said...

Oh, Meredith, how wonderful. I love every picture Miss V has crafted too. Children are so precious. Enjoy every moment with them. I too give Miss V crafting supplies and music every holiday! No batteries required.

Michelle B said...

This is so AWESOME! I love it that they are so creative too. Thanks for letting us in your craft room and thanks for sharing this special post with us.