Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tiddly Inks Challenge #19 - End of Summer

So as much as I hate to admit it, the end of summer is here.  School buses are abound, notebooks, pencils and folders line many aisles at every possible store, and this is the last week for us to be spending time with our great friends at our swim club.
I love the challenge this week as it allows me to make peace with the change of routine and schedule in our household, which can be hard for me.  It seems that just when I get into a groove, life changes.  But that's how it goes!  But that is why I love art so much.   It allows you to express, move through and deal with stressors that you might not even have known were there!

In any event, I chose to use 3 of Christy's fabulous images that were released this summer.  I chose Going Swimming Boy - released in June (who I purposefully colored EXTRA tan as my son is like me - tans like crazy!!  so much so that I have Mother's coming up to me at the pool asking if I put sunblock on him...I mean...seriously??  of course I do!!  he just tans like a madman!!),   Sandy Memories - released in July,  and Muddy Adventures.  Not entirely sure what I was going to do with these 3 images I simply got to coloring them up with my Copics.  Going Swimming Boy has his goggles Diamond Glazed up and the boys in Sandy Memories really do have a sand castle going on!!  I went to my kids sandbox and sifted sand so that it was only the finest, I didn't need rocks in my project!  I laid down a layer of glue and coated the area with the sand.  After a bit I shook off the excess and voila. 

I then trimmed out all 3 of my colored images and sat back...and I realized the only thing that would look right was a scrapbook layout.  And I knew JUST the right picture to add to my Boys Of Summer page.  I printed out a black and white version of my son, Tyler, lounging on the boat in Long Lake in Maine.  Proudly wearing his Red Sox shirt and Transformer sunglasses! I trimmed the photo out and backed it with one of The Paper Sources newest colors, Persimmon. 
 I printed out the lyrics to Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer' on SU! blue textured cardstock to use as the anchor for my page.  I set that in the middle and adhered it down.  I then took Tyler and placed him in the upper right hand corner. 

I wanted Christy's images all together so I placed them on the left hand side.  (I LOVE how they look all together!!!) and lastly I used stickers to write out 'Boys of Summer' in the space I left for journaling.

I hope you enjoy my creation!!  I truly had a blast doing it...what a great theme!!  Thanks girls at TI for coming up with this!!

Crafty Hugs!


Jennifer Scull said...

wowza! this is such a fabby layout! not only did you do a brill job on the images, but those are some fine boy pix! ;) cuties for sure!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I sure do appreciate it!

Loopylou. said...

oh that is really cute, i love the 3 images and then the gorgeous photo of your little man. I am not looking forward to mo going back to school at all!!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

hi ya Crafty is super. :) I love it and don't they look all cute and tan....great layout! :)

DonnaMundinger said...

This is just FABULOUS! Love the images you chose and the song is perfect! (Can't wait to see him in concert in a few week!) Love this layout and your guy is a real cutie! Thanks for joining the Tiddly Inkers this week! xxD

Shirley said...

I love the use of the digital images on your LO. They work great with that adorable picture and round out all the great times of summer.

mfc.melissamade2 said...

Ah, this is too cute! Love this layout! Great way to use these adorable images!

Curly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curly said...

Good morning sorry about removing the other other comment, I noticed a spelling mistake after publishing,
I love the scrapbook page it's fab the colours and the layout are amazing, and it look's like the have a fun filled summer vacation,
my apologies again,
Take care have a greatday Bridget :)x

Larissa said...

Such a lovely layout! Love the picture and all the images you used. Thanks for joining us at the Tiddly Inks challenge.


Mandi said...

What a great layout and great images to go with this layout! :)

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