Monday, September 20, 2010

Blood Sucker Carnival - Smeared Ink Style!

Good Fabulous Monday Morning!!!  I'm here bringing you a WICKED Vamp Kamp creation for this week's posting!!

Vamp Kamp :  Here's where you can share all your projects that are vampire, gothic, dark, or supernatural in nature.  

So here is what I created...I used one of my absolute favorite sets Symbology of Angels using the Praise angel.

I made it dark and gothy.  Right up the Vamp Kamp alley!!!  My creation is called Blood Sucker Carnival as I combined the "sentiment" from the Martha Stewart - 3-D Sticker 'Blood Sucker' with the 'Carnival' stamp from the Carnies set.

I started my creation with a raw piece of sturdy cardboard and a piece of  5x5 wrapped art canvas.  I'd printed my angel out and set him aside...awaiting coloring.  I lined up the canvas and the cardboard card base and punched out a hole using my Big Bite.  I chose a brad that was long enough in the back to attach the two heavy pieces together.  I coated the front piece of my raw cardboard (cardbase) with Mod Podge and set it aside to dry. 

I have copper glitz spray - from 100 years ago - that you might use in floral arranging or on paper mache...that type of thing.  I'd NEVER used it...but because it was so old the pump on the spray was super clogged and just didn't work.  So I put the paint in a regular plant sprayer bottle and took it out to my deck and sprayed haphazardly on the canvas.  I took my heat gun to it to speed up the drying process. 

I then coated it in Mod Podge so it didn't look so stark as I wanted it to have a nice sheen to it.

I then set to coloring my angel.  I used my Prismacolor pencils and spent about an hour coloring and blending coloring and blending. 

I stamped CARNIVAL in maroon kraft ink on tan paper, crumpled it up and worked it around in my hands and then brushed it lightly with my Tim Holtz Ink in Vintage Photo.  I wrapped that layer around the canvas and adhered it to the back.  I Mod Podged this layer as well as I did each layer as I went. 

I then chose a sheer, bronze ribbon to add as a elegant layering touch and tied it into a bow on the left hand side.  I Mod Podged over that as well. 

I then, using a Martha Stewart 3-D embellishment sticker that says 'Blood Sucker', created an additional element of dimension with the paperclip onto the ribbon.  I used the same maroon kraft ink to further color the "Blood Sucker" candy making it look as if it were coated in blood. 

Once all of that was said and done and adhered down, I created 3 paper flowers out of my new Martha Stewart border punch paper and I added them to the left hand side of my creation.

I TRULY love how this came out.  It's a card but sort of an altered piece...and all around Vampy and Goth-esque.

I hope you enjoy and have been inspired!!

Crafty Hugs!


Andrea C said...

absolutely gorgeous piece of art you have created there, well done x

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Gorgeous. Awesome. and all together wonderful

Alex said...

WOW! This is an AMAZING project! WOW! It IS a bit of everything. You really are taking to those colored pencils. I just don't have the patience you do. Love the fuzziness of the wing edges.

Kathi said...

Wow. It took a lot of time to create the project, to photograph it, and to write the description of the creative process, but...

IT PAID OFF!!! It's fabulous. I love everything about it. Wow. Wow. WOW!

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