Friday, October 1, 2010

Simply Betty Stamps - Challenge #3!!

Before I start - I have to say that this post is one I did a LONG time ago when I was working for another fabulous company.  I figured, rather than reinventing the wheel I'd use the post that I made for that company as well as Paper Canteen and just show you how my NEW SBS version came out along the way. 

I had ALWAYS wanted to make one of these Photo / Inspiration Boxes but was always too chicken to try it!! Or maybe too lazy to figure it out? Maybe a combo of both? =) In any case I pushed myself to overcome my fear and have found that not only are they RIDICULOUSLY easy (this style anyways) but SO much fun!!
 My original one was generic in theme but for Simply Betty I've adapted it to a Halloween version as that is what Challenge #3 is all about!!

Anything Halloween But A Card!

Halloween is here, and since we have already begun seeing cards all over blog land let's create something other than a Halloween card... anything Halloween, just not a card!

Curious about this weeks prize?   How about The Moonshine Crew Line (12 papers, 2 sticker sheets).  Check it out at SBS - the entire line is so cute!!!

There are quite a bit of steps but it is SO SUPER easy!! And it would make an AMAZINGLY meaningful gift to someone.  This one is staying in my possession and will be filled with Halloween pics of my kids and their friends from all of our upcoming holiday celebrations!!!

Ok here we go!!!

Materials Needed:
  • 4 sheets of solid 12"x12" cardstock (one for the lid and 3 for the box which encompasses all panels)
  • as many coordinating designer papers that you'd like to use
  • coordinating embellishments and ribbon and/or photos
  • bone folder
  • paper trimmer
  • adhesive
  • trimmer with scoring blade or a scoring matte
Box and Interior of Photo / Inspiration Explosion Box
Cardstock Sheet 1 (L1)- 12"x12" - this will be the outside of your box as well as your first layer - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panels

Cardstock Sheet 2 (L2) - Trim your cardstock down to 11 1/2" x 11 1/2".  This will be your second layer in the box - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panels.
Cardstock Sheet 3 (L3) - Trim your cardstock down to 11"x11". This will be your third and final layer in the box - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panels.

Fold and score on each scored line.
At this point you will have 3 decorating panels. L3 will fit inside L2. L2 will fit inside L1 which is your final layer the outside of which is the outside of your box.

I chose to decorate my panels first before adhering them together in the center. I think that each can be decorated as it's own separate entity or all tying in together but either way you want to work with one layer at a time.
 I also chose to decorate both sides of each panel. That way you have twice the surface area to play with and have fun!!
 The panels measure as follows:

L1 - Panels all measure at 4". Depending on how you want to decorate the interior, you could start by going down incrementally by 1/4 " or more depending on the look you want. The same goes for all layers.

- Panels all measure at 3 1/2" x 4".

L3 - Panels all measure at 3" x 4".

Once all panels have been decorated you will now start with L3. Put a strong adhesive on the bottom of the center panel, I used "red liner" tape and press it firmly into the center of L2. Repeat this process when putting L2 and L1 together.

If you pick the box up now you will be able to fold all 4 sides upwards and your box will be formed!! Now all we need is a lid!!

Top of Photo Inspiration / Explosion Box

You should have one last piece of solid 12x12 cardstock left.

  • Trim this down to 6 1/8" x 6 1/8"
  • Score 1" on each side
  • Trim off triangle on corners where score lines meet
  • Fold lid on score lines
  • "Pinch" the corners inward
  • Using adhesive adhere the corners together. Hold overnight with binder or bulldog clips.
  • Decorate top and sides of lid
 You can also decorate the outside of the box as well. If you were to do that I'd do it when the layers were separated on the opposite side of L1.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial on Challenge #3!!!

**I had to research how to do this before writing/photographing this tutorial. I found my information HERE. I used this tutorial to come up with my own interpretation and explanation but I used her measurements. I just wanted to give credit where credit was due! =)


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