Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like...THANKSGIVING!

I'm trying not to jump ahead to the winter holidays as Thanksgiving makes its rapid decent upon us!  But it's a little hard not to especially with snow in the forecast!  YAY!!
workout buddy
a neighbor was "flocked"!  hahahaha...
it was balmy out!!  he insisted that I remove his booties!  hehe...those piggy toes!!

I had the children try on their winter gear today to make sure everything fit.  We had a generally easy day today as we spent two hours reading a book we've been churning through for the last 7 weeks.  The Benedict Society is a great read.  It's full of adventure, mystery and wit.  But it's verbose people and not only to read in one's head but it's SUPER verbose to read outloud.  It's not one I can easily zip through.  Which is great as it's challenging for the kids but it's laborious for me.  I love the story but it's exhausting to read out loud.  But...onward we move!  I know the kids will feel very accomplished when we finish it.  Our goal is to finish it this weekend.
he draws every single day the second he comes into the classroom...and i let him because it's what works best for him!
she will either draw immediately or read first thing...so disciplined and awesome!
snuggled down for reading time!
Kendall is almost done with her research project on the Mandrill.  She has her glossary and bibliography to complete.  She is so excited!  When she is done I will work one on one with Tyler to help him finish organizing his thoughts and will then set him up on the computer to type away!  I can see them take pride in what they've done thus far and it's a great feeling for them! 

We pulled out our "bread fossils and casts" today after setting them up one week ago.  The children pulled out their science journals and made notes on what they observed.  
They noted that the color transferred, the shapes flattened, they made a distinct impression on the "sediment" - wheat bread above and that they started to decompose over time.  We had predictions on what would happen if we left it for a year or more!  We are not doing that at this time but it was a very thoughtful discussion.
quick math time

We had a quick trip to make to a neighboring library and then off to our community farm!  Our dear friends offered us their weekly farm share today as they are away for the week.  The kids had THE best time picking out the veggies, weighing them and loading them into my car.  It was so much fun with the children. They were giggling, running from bin to bin to see what was next, trying to figure out the difference between a turnip and a rutabaga.  Just awesome.  
figuring it all out!
he was SUCH a good boy!
brussel sprouts!
sweet potatoes
end of the year slushies from Cumberland Farms - c'mon it was 60 out today!  ;)
A Wave For Nessie - is what Ty called this painting - all I have to say is "swoon" - love that kid...
We came home for lunch and then Ari went back down for a nap. 
painting her awesome air dry clay sculptures!  what you can't see in this picture is the nest, eggs and babies she also made to go along with it. She will be an amazing mother someday!! 
The kids did art and played games for a couple of hours until dinner and then we read more Benedict after Ari went to bed. 

I'm off to clean our classroom and prepare for tomorrow!  Nite y'all!

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