Saturday, October 24, 2009

RF Technique Challenge!!!

Welcome, welcome!!

Today's Robyn's Fetish Challenge was a tricky one!!!

We had to use stitching....but it couldn't be faux stitching...and it COULDN'T BE FROM A SEWING MACHINE!!


And for those of you who know me...I use my sewing machine CONSTANTLY!!! =)

So...the first thing I did was figure out what image I wanted to use. I chose to use Princess Aria. She's just so cute and adorable...I couldn't resist!!

So I set to creating and decided that I wanted to do something different. So I did a mini card. Not to be lazy or have it be a quick project...but because I think all things in mini form are simply ADORABLE!! I can't get enough of them!!

I chose a 3x3 size. The nice thing is that I had a great scrap of brown, sparkly paper that fit the bill for the card base perfectly. I then grabbed a few more scraps and some delicious cupcake paper from a matte stack that I have.

I set that all aside and started coloring the princess. I used my Copics and enjoyed figuring out what color to dress her in...I initially thought pink but then went with what my 5 year old daughter would have chosen and that would be BLUE! I figured it would coordinate nicely with the chocolate brown.

I was trying to figure out where I wanted to hand stitch on her and thought about setting in a panel as the middle part of her dress but then decided that I wanted to sparkle her dress up so I used copper stickles covered in brown glitter. I did the same on her gorgeous hat! So I then decided to color her scarf that ran from the top of her hat, silver and that would give me an opportunity to stitch the seaming around the edge of the scarf with my pretty silver thread. So that's what I did!! I cut everything out with my craft knife and then for a little extra bling I tied a sheer, white ribbon with a tiny rhinestone just around the top of her scarf.

I love how delicate and sweet she came out!! And believe it or not, I found myself hand stitching something on the next project I did right after this!!! LOL! It just looks so cute!!

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!



~Jeri~ said...

oh wow!! too cute Meredith. I love how you done her dress!!! Your work always amazes me!! Great job!

Rachel said...

very cute Meredith, you did a fabulous job.

Unknown said...

Holy CROW is this so cute!