Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Breath...

I've worked very hard over the years at finding my breath when I get anxious or stressed.  Yesterday I lost it - just a little bit - but today it's back.  Ari's waking earlier and earlier these days...today it was 4:30am - which is completely unacceptable in my book.  But we left him until almost 5 and then I grudgingly got up.  I was immediately grumpy, huffy and cranky.  NOT a good way to start the day.
Ian and I came down together with Ari.  Ian had a class in the city today so he had to be out of the house SUPER early.  I sat in silence for a bit trying to breathe the crankiness through for a while.  Trusting and knowing that it's worked in the past, I knew if I just let my breath 'be' it would work it's magic.  And it did.  I shifted my thinking, my focus and my energy on enjoying my early morning time with Ari as I know that even though on tough mornings when it's 4:30 am it won't always be that way and I won't always have this time with him.  So...moving forward!!  
Everyone slept a little later this morning and I let them be.  Once everyone came down we started our day.  Kendall had sewing last night so she was eager to finish up a little something that she didn't have time to complete last night.  I let her do that in lieu of journaling.  We when moved onto spelling practice.  The words this week are tricky!!
 I've started doing a "daily list" for the kids in lieu of using the white board.  We were finding that we weren't using the board as much as we should be as we didn't want to erase our daily schedule.  So I've now started writing it out and copying it so that each child has a daily schedule in front of them.
 This allows them to check things off as they are done which allows for a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  
From this we made dinosaur puppets using stencils and Popsicle sticks.  I had them choose 3 or 4 of their favorite stencils and then read about them in our dinosaur encyclopedia.  I asked them to write as many facts on the back of the puppets as they could.  They then put on a great puppet show for Ari and I.  The kids at this point headed off for their independent reading time (DEAR time) while Ari and I got ready to go on a walk.  We walked while Kendall and Tyler rode their bikes.  It was cold and brisk but totally refreshing.  

Everyone had lunch and then Ari went for an afternoon rest.  While he was enjoying his quiet time the kids made "tar pits" using baking soda, grey and black paint and water.  They mixed and poured until they had just the right consistency.  And then they played with their dinosaurs for a good hour or so.  One by one they finished and came into the classroom to finish up some "on-board math" - this is what we call math when we work on the white board.  The kids get tired of worksheets so changing it up definitely helps maintain interest.
he was LESS than pleased with mittens that were Daddy's when he was a boy!
it was gorgeous out!!
her face here is PRICELESS!
She could barely work through her multiplication tables in September and now she's doing triple digit by double digit multiplication!!
Ty noted that his skin looked like elephant skin!  So clever!
In the late afternoon we headed to our library as the kids were enrolled in an art history class.  This week was the last week and they focused on Jackson Pollock.  (one of my favs!!)  They enjoyed it immensely, learned a lot and did phenomenal paintings!  We discussed him most of the ride home.  
doing a puzzle - note the tongue hanging out!
playing in the children's section

It was a busy and fun day!  Looking forward to tomorrow!!