Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Setting the reset button!

Greetings readers!!

So glad to have you with me tonight!!

Everyone's in bed, hubby's travelling and I'm enjoying a late night cup of coffee while I organize, plan and hang in my classroom.  (It's my absolute favorite place to be in my house!)

If you read this post you'll know that we took last week off and spent the end of it in Maine.  Oh it's such work getting there and getting home but the time we have there is amazing and TOTALLY worth the planning, preparations and packing, followed by unloading and unpacking to then prepare and pack to come home then to unload and unpack once more.  It's a TON of work for Ian and I with the three children and our dog.  But like I said..it's beyond worth it when you get to be here:
early afternoon
It's breathtaking, right?  I told you!  =)

We rested, played, worked, cooked, rested and played some more.  It was a great and relaxing few days.
on our way out to breakfast!  clearly Mommy needs coffee!
why yes, yes that IS a sugary jelly packet he's eating!
she doesn't stop for one minute!
i can see the teenager coming in this picture (in a good way)...oh goodness...stay little forever please!!!
i want to bite his delicious face!!
I receive these gorgeous drawings on my pillow at night...how incredibly lucky i am...
2015 planner organization - all done!

loves to drive
in the chicken coop laughing at the chickens!
not quite heavy enough by himself yet!
so happy
hot tubbin!
learning how to blow bubbles!
more playing!

We're home now and back at it with this week strictly working on curriculum.  I have some fun art projects planned and they are continuing work on their research projects which are just about done!   Next week we move onto prehistory times and dinosaurs!
I just woke up!
sunrise on Ian's way to the airport
morning Daddy!!  fly safe!
tyler started cursive today!
he was SO proud!
grammar time (not to be confused with hammer time!)
reading comprehension
starting algebra!
he was working this problem out
on our walk!
looking a bit tired and disheveled!  
ready for any potential burning hot crayon wax splatter!  
the kids did their first ever crayon melt project!!  
I let them use my glue guns to be able to somewhat control the crayon better
ty's burning man!!
perfect placement!
focused and had vision!
masking off the rose
so fun!!
snuggled down for reading time!!
Nite nite!

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Teresa said...

You have a Gorgeous Family and a Happy Home.
You're Blessed.