Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend update and what's happening!


Woosh it's been a busy and fun bunch of days!  Our weekend opened with an Arlo Guthrie concert!  It was AMAZING!  It was a 600 person venue.  Very small and intimate and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The kids were SO tired not getting into bed until 11 pm but it was well worth it!
We did lots of things around the house on Saturday.  Being productive is one of the biggest challenges, I'm finding, now that we're a homeschooling family.  Lots of the things that I used to get done while the children were in school now have to wait until the evenings or weekends.  I try to chip away at them slowly throughout the day but some days are so full with schooling that the vacuuming, laundry, dusting, toilets, etc all have to wait until the weekend.  This unfortunately causes more work than we used to have on our "days off" but it's a reasonable trade off considering how important our jobs are both as teachers and as parents.

In other news, I've resorted to winter running.  A gym is not a reasonable option for me for a bunch of different reasons so I have to use what I have available to me.  I must exercise daily so this is what I have a pair of sneakers and some warm clothes = winter running.  It's quick, it works and it feels good.  Win win.
Ice volcanoes for today's science!
reading together =)
snacks and yardwork
Starbucks is a necessity
my running buddy (when it's warm enough)
car cleaning and rainbows
Today started off a bit cranky with Kendall.  She's always had a hard time coming back into the week  - even when she was in PS.  Today was extra hard because it was super grey and rainy - which simply makes everyone want to snuggle back in bed.  But we pushed through starting our day with some journaling about what we are thankful for.
practicing alphabetical order
group work - proofreading
After some reading comprehension work the kids went off to have their DEAR time. selfie
Poor Ian got called into work late last night and didn't get back home and into bed until 3 am =(  So thankfully for us he was home today!!  Daddy got to sub in to day for math!  He worked on grouping and division with Tyler and pattern recognition for algebra with Kendall.

The kids worked hard this morning so we all went off to our local market for some yummy salad bar for lunch!  We also went to the skating rink to get new skates for both older kids and me!  I'm so excited as I haven't owned my own skates since high school!  We are going to be skating on Thanksgiving Day and I can't wait!!
helping at the skate shop!
coolest baby around
why yes, that IS a sweet new trucker hat from the skate shop!!
His first EVER salad bar!!  I've been trying to get them to appreciate the beauty that is he got it!!
she was not quite as brave as he was in her selections but she tried!!
total YUM!
croutons, sunflower seeds and tomatoes
sparce but yummy!
Daddy definitely looks tired...
When Ari napped this afternoon we read a lot about the Pilgrims and then I let the kids play for a couple of hours with their ice volcanoes!  They had a BLAST!  (no pun intended!)  We used the baking soda mixture that we made last week in our "tar pits" to fill the volcano and then used a whole bunch of vinegar to make the reaction!  It never gets old I tell you!!
Kendall's off to sewing tonight and I'm meeting a homeschooling mama friend - I RARELY get out at night so I'm definitely extending beyond my comfort zone but it's good for me once in a while!

See you tomorrow!

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