Wednesday, November 19, 2014



Today was a pretty standard day all around as we moved through our unit on dinosaurs and prehistoric times.  Kendall worked more on her sewing project before school as Ty continued to sleep and knock out a little cold that he had brewing.
We moved through our spelling, reading comprehension and grammar - today focusing on homophones.  The children went off for their respective DEAR time and I was tickled when Tyler asked if he could start reading The Hobbit today.  (a childhood favorite of mine)
We used the board and learning palettes and the board for today's math - focusing, once again, on multiplication.
We continued to discuss the different prehistoric eras and time periods which lead us into our science/sensory play with a frozen dinosaur tundra complete with petrified, frozen dinosaurs!
 The kids explored for 2 hours in the late afternoon pouring, sifting, and discovering.  We discussed some of the many reasons that dinosaurs are now extinct; climate changes (hot or cold), volcanoes, disease, comets, etc.  We discussed the concept of reversible change as they melted their dinosaur fossils out of their ice "eggs".

I worked with Ari today to introduce him to a lentil filled sensory bin.  He had a GREAT time running his hands through it, scooping and pouring.


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