Friday, November 14, 2014


It's Friday!!  And what a great day it was.  Last night we snuggled for an hour + and read in my bed.  We so easily lose time when we're up there reading on and on.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.
My day started early with Ari at 5:08 am to be exact, after the 2:30 am wake up call because Ari peed through his double night time diapers and I had to change not only his diapers but also his clothes.  So by the time I fell back to sleep I only had about 2 solid hours of sleep...kind of stinks!  But such is life with a 20 month old!  I brought him in my bed and finally gave into the fact that we have a TV in there that we never use.  The kids will use it once in a while but other than that it never gets used.  Ari's face this morning when I presented him with the option of watching a Little Einstein's in bed (selfishly so that I could close my eyes for another 20 minutes) was priceless.
"there's one up here TOO!?!?!"
And then...THIS happened!!  
So excited to take the plastic wrap off and see his paintings from last night!!
this one is my favorite!
 We schooled all morning - our standard curriculum line-up and finished with a spelling quiz.
We then headed for homeschooler's day at Launch!  The kids have been asking to go since August so it was time and the perfect day for it.
Launch is a trampoline park somewhat near us and they offer a 2.5 hour jump session for $10/child just for homeschoolers on Fridays.  This cannot be beat!!
he had THE best time!!
loves jumping with Kendall
i could snuggle with them all day long
oy that face!!
It was a great and fantastic time!!  The workout alone is well worth it!  We came home and Ari napped for a short stretch and the kids and I snuggled on the couch so that we could regain some strength for an evening of art and reading!

See you next week!

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