Monday, November 3, 2014

A Difference in View...

Our weekend was lovely.  Halloween on Friday, a GREAT children's folk concert on Saturday morning (Billy Jonas Band), dinner at Auntie's on Saturday night and then an afternoon of fun with friends yesterday....PHEW.  
So glad to be trick or treating with best friends!!
Surprise!!  They had no idea we were going!
front row!!!
popcorn for the first time!!
they totally jammed on stage!!  
build it up...knock it down!  (you had to be there to understand)
The look on Kendall and Tyler's face is priceless!
FINALLY out for a walk...despite the rain!
yes folks, even though you can't see it in this picture - trust's snowing!!
Almost time for bed!
Starting my 2015 organization early!!  I'm trying some printable calendar options for my old Day Timer A5 size planner.  We'll see!!
We've decided to take a "week off" this week for a variety of reasons.  I am treating it as if it were school vacation - sort of.  As opposed to traditional vacation as they had in PS, the children will have very limited screen time and when they do watch or play it must be something educational, they must continue to do their DEAR time, we will be doing some kind of household chore/organizing/project each day as we prepare to head to Maine soon, they will help me with errands, they will be working on making their own meals, and doing their own laundry.  We will do lots of art, pretend play, and outdoor walking as it's supposed to be relatively nice this week.
Today - my trusty companion!
Yep - I'm winterized!!!  
Dusting away!!!
In the middle of trash duty!
She is teaching him how to make regular paper look "vintage"
Yep!  We bought this today and he promptly came home and peed in it!!  YAY!!
Very busy with magnets...
all pretend play all the time!
Picking up a neighbor's decorative American flags on our walk this afternoon.  He was horrified that there were some laying on the ground!  (LOVE!!!)
Dipping red pepper into spicy, homemade hummus!!  Go ARI!!
So this will be a somewhat "break" for me as I prepare for next week's curriculum on dinosaurs!  If there's something "post worthy" I promise to share!

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