Sunday, October 12, 2014

18 years ago...


It's been a productive and still relaxing weekend here.  We've gotten a lot done around the house and lesson planning is always going on.  Today my darling husband and I celebrate 18 years married!  Woo hoo!!  It was a gorgeous day, much like today.  Crisp, clear and cool.  I can't believe it's been 18 years.  Happy Anniversary to us!!
Moving onward, we have housework to do today and then later we're having friends over to watch the Patriots.  For me, it's really about hanging with friends rather than that game - which I could take or leave to be completely honest.  We're not sporty nor are we competitive in my house but it is fun to have a reason to get together.
Yesterday was pouring all day so our plans to do our annual family photo shoot were dashed as there was no way we could trounce around in the cold rain to get some good shots so we headed to our favorite place, Barnes and Noble to check out Educator Week!  We always find something fun!
After our outing, it was time for me to do some classroom organization so I snuggled everyone down for movie time complete with hot fudge sundaes.
Mug favorite!
Since I am sugar free - this is my enjoyment!  Starbucks venti ice coffee, shot of espresso plus soy milk.  Yum. (ok it's not as YUM as an ice cream sundae but I have to suspend disbelief here people!! ;)
Everyone was snuggled and some were sleepy!  ;)  There's never any rest for Daddy so I'm glad he got a few minutes.
Kendall's birthday roses from her Auntie are still going strong!  They are so beautiful to look at every day!  

My amazing daughter just gave me this card, and yes, the tears started to flow!  She's so sweet and oh so thoughtful.  I consider us very, very blessed.
(the little sticker next to the word 'best' says Mom)  Ya...she rocks.  

Ok!  Back to lesson planning and organizing for me!  Until tomorrow!

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