Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Thursday!!!


Oh it's still raining in our parts thank goodness!!  It's so relaxing and long overdue!  No walk for me this am as it was POURING so I enjoyed a quiet morning playing with Ari in lieu of our regularly schedule programming.  While Kendall had her "parent special" last night with Ian, Tyler and I went out last night running some errands for K's upcoming 10TH!! birthday.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she is 10.  Sigh!  We went to Michael's, WFM and another market gathering supplies for cakes, snacks, and other assorted goodies for our family party, friend sleepover and kid party.  It's going to be a busy weekend for sure!!  Kendall and Ian enjoyed a good couple of hours of Lego building.  Their creation was nothing short of awesome!!
Early morning snack while watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood!
Today we've been chugging right along with our Earth creation/Space theme.  We changed things up a bit in terms of the order of things this morning as I wanted the kids to read some stories about the moon, stars and the enormity of it all before we started our journaling.
We did our pledge and then started reading a couple of Usborne books "On The Moon", "How Big Is a Million", and a book by Helen Nolan called "How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall is 1000?".  We had a long discussion about large numbers and how it is hard indeed to conceptualize them.  The book "How Big Is A Million" helps a lot as there is a pull out poster in the back of the book that has a display of exactly one million stars.
The children then did their art journaling, today's prompt was "what would it be like to be on the moon?"  What would you hear, feel, see, smell and touch?
We did a final review of their spelling words and their definitions.  It was now time to head off to their yoga practice and then off to a BEAUTIFUL homeschool group event where the children painted a still life of fresh sunflowers.  It was set up indoors as it was rainy and raw.  The kids all had a GREAT time.  The kids were super lovely, engaging and fun as were their parents.  I ran and ran with Ari most of the time but got a few minutes with him in the backpack or sitting on the floor to chat with a few of the parents.  It was great.

When we got home I had a few things planned but the kids asked if they could work on the scripting for their show Mr. Tyler's Neighborhood.  Since Ari started watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood they've been hooked!  They never enjoyed it as babies themselves but they LOVE it now.  They love it most when there's a film on "picture picture" about how things are made.  Right now we have how fortune cookies are made and how crayons are made (which was my favorite as a kid!).  They also LOVE the land of make believe.  It makes my husband insane as he HATES it but he's a good sport and endures it for them.
So they've been off "script writing" and making costumes for the last 2 hours.  It's all way too cute.  I love that they'd rather do that than watch TV, play on the computer, etc.   Love it!!

Tonight is Ty's choice for parent special and he and Ian are going to build a model motorcycle!  Stay tuned!