Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday and a Wrap-up!

Hello All!

Welcome to FRIDAY!!!  We have worked really hard to get to this day and I'm really proud of the kids and how hard they've worked these last couple of weeks!  I presented them detailed, specific and somewhat advanced material.  They listened, took notes, discussed, asked GREAT questions and learned a LOT.  Yay for them!

Yesterday afternoon the kids had a GREAT time at Lego club.  They built free form for an hour with lots of other kids.  I headed upstairs with Ari to play in the children's section.  We had a blast!
loving the library!
We sat for 30 minutes playing with these trains...
Good lord the rainy weather really does a number on my already crazy hair!
choo choo!
sweet creation!
awesome house!
someone loves playing with the camera on my phone!
knock knock!

The sky here was INCREDIBLE last night after all of the crazy rain we had.  Ian sent me a picture as he was on his way out of his office and it looks like a picture that was altered but it is in no way!  It's incredible.
view from my deck
It was Tyler's parent evening and he decided that he wanted to make the cards for THIS card drive. We'd talked about it earlier in the week and just didn't have time to squeeze it into the school day.  Oh my heart,  I'm so in love with their compassion for a cause - of any kind.  So we sat down and created cards.  Kendall joined us and it was just a fabulous time.  I used to create every single night but now that we're homeschooling my priorities are obviously different and I spend my nights cleaning up the classroom from the day and setting up for the next day's lessons and projects.  When I'm done it's about 9 pm and it's time for dinner, a few minutes of relaxing and then bed.  All to start again at 5 am when my alarm goes off.  So it's great when my kids want me to create with them as it forces me to sit for a few and work the creative side of my brain for non-school reasons.  Yay! 
creating, creating, creating!
love the focus
deciding which of my "Mommy markers" as they call them to use (Copic Markers)
he absolutely LOVE
Below are the outside and insides of the cards that K & T made.  The first three are hers and the last four are his:
This morning started pretty standard.  Walk, breakfast, morning routine.  School started with our spelling quiz then Solar System test.  Ty was very focused on the test so he missed the spelling of Mercury (which he's been spelling correctly all week) but besides that they completely rocked the test out!!  It took them about 30 minutes to answer all 27 questions.  They focused and worked hard.

a beautiful morning!
Test time!
done and waiting for her brother to finish!
yes...they both did fantastic!!!
they were relieved to have it completed!
As a wrap up and a big reward for their hard work we made alien marshmallow pops for a cooking project.  The kids had a fantastic time measuring, learning how to mix and melt the chocolate so that it doesn't seize up, and decorating their aliens.
treat making time!
We moved onto making Oobleck after this!  Our recipe included 2 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water plus food coloring.  They played with this for easily an hour +.  We talked about the fact that on some of the extremely dense planets where the gases are compressed with such force that they behave like a liquid metal perhaps the Oobleck might feel like the liquid metals!
yes...their hands are SO blue!
They literally played with this for 2 hours after making it, then another 2 hours when we came home in the afternoon!  Their hands are completely stained blue and purple and it's just awesome! 

We have an afternoon filled with a visit from Uncle Ethan, a family walk and a visit to our friends to play, jump and hang out, then Acro class for Kendall and Boys Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop tonight for Ty!
Ty's face in this picture cracks me up...
A weekend of fun lays before us and then next week we start Evolution Revolution!!!  The beginning of life!!