Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grey Goodness!!


By now I'm sure you know how I love the rain!!  The kids were begging to go for a walk today in it but it was POURING at the time they asked so I had to say no.  I didn't get my walk in this morning for the same reason but there's always tomorrow!!

Today was one of those days where Ari decided he wasn't really in the mood for napping!!  He napped from 8-9:30 which was long enough for the children to create detailed drawings of their respective animals for their research projects and label important facts about the males and females.  I must admit, the drawings came out amazing!!
my early riser!!
still sleeping
Starting her diagram!
He sleeps later but jumps right in!  (wearing my Lululemon sweatshirt, of course!) lol!
At this point we headed out for some miscellaneous errands.  We needed to get a few things at our local WFM so we decided to also have lunch there.  The kids got tacos - which I have to say were amazing!  It was a very nice, relaxing and impromptu time - once again, I'm getting used to "impromptu" as it's not really my thing.  We got a few items from the bulk foods area for "dessert"; dried cranberries, peanuts, fig bars, and "sunshine drops" which are the WFM equivalent of M&M's.  While we were sitting and enjoying our time I had the kids do math with their candies.  They thought it was great fun which of course came with the perk of eating said candies after their multiplication was computed.
Stupid fresh squeezed juicing machine!!!  Looks so tempting to the kids as it's SO fun to use!!  They've been BEGGING me the last handful of times we've been to get fresh juice.  I caved today...I must admit it was delicious!!  (all ours for the low, low price of $3.99/bottle!!  gulp!!)
Practicing her 8's tables!
Once home the kids came back to the classroom and played for a bit while I got Ari settled.  One thing we are learning to do is being able to be flexible with Ari and his nap schedule and still get our lessons in at the same time.  It's not always easy but it's definitely doable.  After about a half an hour the kids focused and sat down to do their spelling and math.  We then discussed the concept of natural selection and I gave them a few examples and then we discussed some more.  They are absolutely understanding it and really seeming to enjoy!
Playing Legos!
He absolutely LOVES sorting crayons!!
This afternoon they both have playdates so I walked them to their friends houses and brought Ari home for his nap.  So, I sit here in SILENCE (something that NEVER happens in this house anymore except in the deep, dark recesses of the night) enjoying every minute but in all honesty...miss the buzz of everyone.  =)
Beautiful mushrooms that we spied on our way to the children's playdates!
Tonight is Kendall's parent special and she's going to teach ME how to make the Waldorf Stars that they learned how to make at our homeschool group last week.  I'm looking forward to it!!