Sunday, October 5, 2014


** heavy post here!  =)

Whew!!  What a whirlwind of a weekend folks!!  It was fantastic but to be honest I'm definitely t.i.r.e.d.  We planned and prepared for a while for this week.  For some reason it usually sneaks up on me but I feel much more organized this year.  I honestly think I can credit homeschooling to some of the ease in which this all came together.  I'm so focused and organized for our week days that the weekends get pulled into the orbit of my weekly organization also!  It's a win, win for me.  I find that because I have a different daily life due to homeschooling (my children are always with me) I have to come at things like birthday surprises, gifts, plans, from a different angle.  I have to get them done covertly and swiftly.  I have to hyper focus, write things down and cross them off my lists when they are done so that I don't duplicate or forget anything.

We had K's 10th b-day celebrations all weekend long!  We had a family party, a sleepover party and then a mixed media, fairy garden party at a local art studio.
Yes folks, it's called a pinata cake.  And from what my guests told me, it tasted as good as it looked!!  Insert thumbs up here!
All she really wanted for her bday!!
Sleepover movie time - they watched the original version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!  They had ice cream sundaes and giggles until WAY too late at night!  Love these kids!
Opening gifts from her sleepover friends this morning before her art party.  
Soul Spirit Studio - so beautiful!
My great-grandmother's vintage table cloths - they are loved and used and yes - gasp they get paint on them!  Into the wash they go to be used another time!  
Getting started!!
What a beautiful space to be in!
Everyone's creations were all so different and beautiful!!
focused =)
Oh so tired looking from a night full of giggling! ;)

I love this tree!
It helps him think ;)
Such beauty!!

He was incredibly helpful, kind and sweet.  
hers =)  
I missed him SO much and it was so strange not to have him with us.  He was home with our fantastic babysitter. You're still too little to join us at an art studio!  lol!

Who doesn't want to go to bed with fairy wings on?!!?  
It was a beautiful and celebratory weekend for my darling girl.

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