Thursday, October 9, 2014

Whew! What A Day!?

A gorgeous moon tonight!
Oh today was a weird one!  Everything's fine..just one of those days where the world is justtttttt a little lopsided and not necessarily in your favor.  We didn't get a ton done today...some just not as much as I'd like.  But once again, I'm just trying to roll with it and not get to "stuck" in my routine.  
How much do I love this picture?  SOOOOOOO much!  
Ari and I had a nice early morning walk.  It was beautiful out.  Ari hung out, had snacks and his sippy cup so he was happy.  

The kids had their usual morning and we started school with our journaling.  I asked the kids to illustrate what they think an alien might look like.  They've been asking me to sit and draw with them and today I stopped all of my other "stuff" that I do all day both as mom and teacher and just sat with them and doodled for a few minutes.
Ty's - "skelealien"
Kendall's - cute and adorable, of course!
Mine - I wonder where she gets it from?!?!  lol!  
Guess who didn't nap!!!?!?!?!  ( a VERY rare occurrence )

The children had a late morning yoga class and since Ari wasn't napping we headed out for a quick grocery trip.  I brought them to yoga, brought the groceries home and then went back to pick the kids up.  We came home, all thoroughly exhausted for some reason, so during lunch we watched a Cosmos episode.  It's amazing.  The kids had leftover birthday cupcakes and relaxed a bit.
Then the children went off for an hour of pretend play!

Then we had an unfortunate trip to the ER for me.  Everything is totally fine.  More of a hassle than anything.  But totally fine.  So that kind of banged up the afternoon.  
Ian came and took the kids home and I followed shortly after.  We spent the night reading and drawing together.  Early bedtimes for all!
Until tomorrow friends!