Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Fun!

Stunning roses from Kendall's Auntie for her birthday!
Greetings Friends!

Today was MUCH more on par with our regularly scheduled programming.  We were up and raring to go today!  Unfortunately it was POURING this morning so I couldn't take my walk, even alone.  But I knew we were having a special guest this afternoon so my darling husband pumped up the tires in my long since packed away double BOB stroller in anticipation of an afternoon walk with the kids!
Our daily board!
We started our day by putting together our "moon rocks" which are made out of the "moon dough" that we made last week.  The intent is to let the rocks dry overnight and then do an experiment that's called "exploding moon rocks" that we'll try tomorrow.  The kids were chomping at the bit to try today so I let them try one or two at the end of the day but we left a bunch to compare what happens when you use them before they are completely dried out.
Moon rocks - baking soda, water (just enough to hold them together), black tempera paint, silver glitter
We moved ahead with our art journaling, spelling, grammar and DEAR time.
Loving her new book light that she bought herself!
Always in the teepee!
 I asked the kids if they believed in life on other planets as their journaling prompt.  I love what they drew and how they answered the question!

  After this the kids wanted to have some joke telling time!  I love listening to them read the joke, giggle, and then sometimes say "wait...I don't get it".  HA!  Most of the time they do though and we all end up in fits of giggles.
While they read jokes, I squeezed in a little watercoloring time for myself!  I like to use these panels on cards that I make.  They dried beautifully and will be put to good use in a future project!  
We worked on handwriting today in the form of note taking as we discussed the Solar System.  I'm having the kids write down important facts to learn how to take notes but also in anticipation of our first test next Friday!
Grammar time - working on compound sentences
snack time! (the donut was left over from Ty's afternoon with Daddy yesterday!)
We worked again on our multiplication today.  It frustrates K that her younger brother gets it rather quickly but we're working on building her confidence so that she can better focus on the task at hand and not get "stuck" on the fact that it doesn't come easy to her.  I'm using this book which helps you create multiplication wheels to help visualize, practice and self-check facts.
They worked hard on their core subjects so it was now time for art!  Today we did a project making swirly planets using shaving cream, food coloring and finger painting paper.  The kids LOVED it and had a great time mixing and experimenting.  I love that it's a project that I was able to demonstrate for them and then set them to it not having to hover over them.  They took the independence and ran with it making many beautiful planets!  
swirly planet fun!
It was time for our friend to join us for a couple of hours.  We put both babies in my old double BOB jogger and we headed out on this gorgeous day for a 2 mile walk.  The littles had a great time as they snacked their way through nature and the older two giggled, ran and collected beautiful things from nature as we walked.
Oh I haven't walked with this in SO many years!!!  (yes those are Pringles in the back pocket!)  HA!  The kids love them!
what a day!! toes!
Kendall Poppins - The Baby Whisperer
Sorting time!
Say cheese!
A fantastic gift from her Great Aunt in Baltimore!!!
Love in nature!!
Gorgeous flowers from my friend Patty!
This afternoon the kids quickly experimented with a couple of their "moon rocks" and then headed off for an hour or so of pretend play before dinner. 
Vinegar in squirt bottles to help "explode" the moon rocks!
Tonight is Kendall's parent special night and she's decided she wants to head to our local ACMoore to use some gift cards that she received for her birthday.  I'm always more than happy to oblige a trip to the craft store!!

See you all tomorrow friends!