Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rain, rain, rain...

Good morning!

Last night was so sweet as it was Kendall's parent special night and she asked me to give her a manicure.  Her hands look SO grown up when her nails are painted...sigh!  We sat and giggled and had fun girl time.  Tonight it's Ty's night and he's asked me to color with him.  It's always fun and relaxing to color with my kids.
For those of you who know me IRL (in real life) you know that I absolutely adore the rain.  I LOVE when it rains for days in a row allowing us to snuggle down, read lots of books, do lots of art and have copious amounts of indoor time.  So today Ari and I braved the elements and headed out on our walk.  It was warm and the sky was almost purple when we left and then about half an hour in it started to DOWNPOUR.  He giggled as I ran us home.
my sweet buddy!

nom, nom, nom
heading out on a beautifully rainy morning!
As I finished up the dishes and other morning routines the kids took it upon themselves to start in the classroom.  They decided to color and I think WHAT they chose to color is adorable.
Mayflower anyone?
Is it Thanksgiving already?! ;)
Our day is going to be a fun one!!  It's test review day as we have our test on the Solar System tomorrow.  It's going to be an open book test as the children have never taken a test like this before.  I've written the test myself based on all of the information we've gone through in the past 2 weeks.
review time!

After we ran through our notes (twice) the children reviewed their spelling words for their quiz tomorrow.  Yes, a test AND a quiz in the same day!
We then did more work on their animal research papers.  We walked through a basic outline.  I've asked them to have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.  Both children have started their introductions and Kendall has moved forward to starting the body of her report.  They are loving looking up new information on their topics, finding pictures to include in their reports and they are very excited about presenting this information to their family orally when they are all done.
you know it's raining and humid when my hair looks like it's going to take over the entire car!  frizz EVERYWHERE!!
I put Ari down for an early nap this morning so that he'd wake up in time for us to go to a fantastic homeschooling event where the children learned how to make Waldorf kite paper window stars!  It was a busy and fun event.
so beautiful!!
just hanging out!
The kids did their math when we got home and then had a bit of time to rest.  This afternoon is Lego club at our library!!  
math is always better with a buddy!
Off to Lego Club!  See y'all tomorrow!