Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving right along...

Greetings Friends!!

So glad you're here with me today!  We've got a pretty standard day in store around these parts.  No trips, appointments, etc.  Tyler has archery later but that's about it!  (thankfully!)

Kendall and I enjoyed a very fun evening at our Mother/Daughter book club last night.  The other children and parents are so lovely, fun and easy to be around.  My kind of crew for sure.  We joined the club in July and there are about 6 mother/daughter pairs. They are all from a town next to us and the girls all go to the same school and I think they're all in the same grade (one grade ahead of Kendall).  I must admit that I was a little nervous joining as I did not want Kendall to feel like odd man out but the children in the club are so nice, welcoming and energetic.  Each child gets a turn to pick a book.  The book is available at the library or you can purchase a copy yourself.  We have one month to read the book and then the child whose turn it was to choose the book prepares a list of questions, a theme related craft and a snack for when we meet one month later.  So far we've read 100 Cupboards, The Lemonade Wars, Mandy (Kendall's pick), The Benedict Society (we're still reading it) and this coming month's book is called The Railway Children.
Practicing Morse Code - If you've read the book then you understand
The Benedict Society is a PHENOMENAL read and the children and I are absolutely loving it.  I will admit though that it's thick, verbose, and chock full of detail.  It's definitely about Kendall's reading level as well as Ty's so we're chugging through it but it's definitely taking longer than I anticipated.  We went to book club last night anyways simply for the fun.  There were a few spoilers thrown in here and there but we knew what we were walking into.  All I cared about was that Kendall had fun, and she did!  It's a nice opportunity to spend time together doing something that we love.
A fun and festive craft!  Decorating pumpkins!
This morning I started bright and early per usual.  I decided to forgo the darkness and just push through with my early morning walk.  I was glad to have it done and not feel rushed (or rush Ian) when I got back to shower, prepare lunch, etc but man was it DARK!!  I had a flashlight with me but it really was too dark for my taste.  I will either wait a little longer and/or go mid-day with the children.  I know that once this weekend comes and goes I'll be able to go on the early side again as daylight savings time will help me out with more sunlight!
I told you it was dark!!
My trusty co-pilot
It's getting a little lighter!
Snuggled down
Always on guard
Here comes the sun - almost home at this point!
The children were up and ready to go so we started our day with some art journaling.  I asked them to create a creature and write about it.
We moved from there onto spelling.  I had them do their copy work but I also had them go to the board repeatedly and practice them over and over.  Their words this week are very hard and I'm proud to report that they have them down pat!
I can tell the level of concentration by how far out he sticks his tongue!  HA!
Why yes, those are cookies and tea at 9:30 am!  
proud!!  I even struggle with characteristics!!
just awesome!
From there we continued our readings about Charles Darwin and as a little break I made the children a Halloween word search.  They love word searches!  This was a hard one and took them a bit of time but it was time they enjoyed - which I love.
Reading her American Girl doll science book!  It actually had relevant information to what we are studying!
I then had them continue math practice.  Ty is mastering double digit subtraction with borrowing and Kendall has progressed to double and triple digit by single digit multiplication.  Slowly and surely she is getting faster.  She is gaining confidence and proficiency.  It's simply awesome to watch.
I think holding a stuffed animal helps calm her a bit...
At this point Ari was awake so I made everyone lunch and then we headed out to do a few local errands.  I had not yet purchased any candy for Halloween so I took care of that and a few other things.  Once we got back we headed out on a family walk - complete with three strollers!  It's all just way too adorable and I love that they love pushing their dolls and stuffed animals.  They are going to be AMAZING parents some day, that's for sure!!
Every person in every car that drove by us had a HUGE smile on their face!
How could you not?
one cool dude
awesome helpers
sharing with his sister and her with him!
Ari went into his crib for a little rest while the children continued working on their research papers. They are coming along so nicely!!

Tyler had archery this afternoon and we were surprised by a wonderful visit by Grandma Sue and Popeye!!  They were in the area and decided to swing by so they could catch Ty's archery lesson.  Ty felt so proud to have them there watching him.  Kendall, Ari and I came as well so he had a big cheering section!  GO TY!!
The children and I are snuggling down in my bed as soon as this post is done to read for about an hour and a half.  I love when we get nights to do things like this!  It happens about once a week or so and I simply cherish the time we get together.

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