Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just one of those days...

Hello friends!!

Oh my goodness!!  It's one of those days that I just want to cuddle up in my bed and snooze the day away.  Unfortunately I don't have that luxury!  =)  Our dog Katie woke up to go outside at 1 am and I was completely unable to fall back to sleep and then the baby woke at 4:40 am soooo needless to say I'm running a little on empty today.  Ian thankfully had a light day so he was able to work from home - which was INCREDIBLY helpful.

I had an appointment early this morning, the children had yoga and then we had what's becoming a weekly homeschool event which was a bit far away so I kept today's lessons on the very light side. Spelling and reading were what we accomplished IN the classroom today.  Meanwhile outside of the classroom:
On their way into yoga!  I adore that Kendall had her AG with her - complete with rainboots, yoga outfit and mat!  Ty had his bear with matching sweatshirt...they are just too cute =)
We were all so happy that Ian was home and able to come with us on our homeschool outing today to a rare herb and tree farm about an hour from us.  The event today was learning how to build pine cone gnomes.  I love the craft aspect of our gatherings with our homeschool friends but more importantly I love the connections we're all making.  The kids are slowly finding a few children to call friends and I'm making some new friends as well which is important for all of us in this journey. The garden center was amazing and filled with pets, farm animals, a tea room, gift shop, bamboo maze and a BEAUTIFUL loft space where we gathered to visit and make gnomes!  My dear friend and organizer of these events had an amazing eye for all things crafty, nature inspired and beautiful!!  She is an amazing homeschooling Mom filled with creativity and boundless energy!
Working on his gnome!
Beautiful, dyed wool
the table was filled with all manner of beautiful inspiring materials for our gnomes
all the kids LOVED the bamboo maze!!  It was very magical inside!
in heaven!
Ari had the best time exploring!!
focused and having fun!
a truly great crowd!!
Ty's finished gnome
Kendall, of course, made a Mom, Dad and!
Ahhh!!!  A foster puppy being cared for by the owners of the garden center!!!  Fortunately for me this darling has already been spoken for and has a "furever" home coming to her very shortly!!  Otherwise I very well may have put her in my tote bag and smuggled her home!!  Lilly is her name and she's CRAZY adorable and so sweet!!
Tonight was Ty's parent special night and Ian decided to bring him to a fantastic Lego display at a mall close to us.  Tyler thought it would be fun for Kendall to go as well so the three of them went together - it's time they don't often get so I am so glad they were able to do so.  
He got right to building!
Seriously!?!?  Amazing.
Hello President Lincoln!
Getting in on the building fun!
How in the world do they do it?!
I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures from tonight!  But for now I'm signing off and prepping my classroom for another fun day of learning tomorrow!

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