Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Greetings Friends!

Happy Friday!

Last night was such a fun night for us!  It was Ty's parent special and he and Ian had planned to do another model.  This time Ty chose a Kawasaki dirt bike.  They are doing snap together models right now until Ty really gets good at them.  They will then move onto the kind that requires glue and paint.  It was fun watching Ty figure out how it all went together with a little help from Dad!

Meanwhile, Kendall and I set to making the favor for her upcoming birthday party.  She's having a make your own garden fairy party. I have to be honest, I do not like goody bags.  I don't like giving them (and I've given plenty of them so the next statement absolutely applies to me, too!), I don't like receiving them.  In general, I find them to be full of cheap junk from China and/or tons of candy - both of which are very wasteful and neither of which are things my children need.  

For some reason birthday parties have gotten to a crazy out of hand level where everyone feels that they have to out do everyone else and it sets such an unrealistic expectation for the children.  I absolutely don't mean to sound snotty about it but after so many years of birthday parties, I'm very over junky goody bags.  (I'll climb down off of my soap box now!)
I found this idea on - where else??  Pinterest!  It's beautiful and SO simple to make.  I had everything in the house that I needed to make enough for all of the attendees.  Each child will get to leave with their homemade fairy garden and a beautifully, handmade vial of personalized fairy glitter.  No goody bags in sight!  ;)
I hope your day has started out on a good note.  It was a brisk and beautiful morning here.  It was literally nighttime when I headed out for my walk this morning.  The baby and I bundled up, put on super bright clothing (notice my awesomely yet obnoxiously bright shirt!) and brought a flashlight and we enjoyed the silence.  

There's definitely a buzzing of excitement in our house as this is a big birthday weekend for K!!  She's turning 10 (gasp) and we have lots of fun things planned.  Family, friends, cakes, snacks, sleepovers, movies, more snacks, a fairy garden party, cake, ice cream, more fun snacks;).  You get my point.  But today we are schooling per usual.  We're wrapping up our week of studying The Big Bang.  Ty said to me this morning "I don't want The Big Bang week to end!"  I know they are enjoying learning and that, my friends, makes me happier than ANYTHING for my children.  

We started our day with our spelling test.  The kids both aced it!  I have to admit, the words were HARD!!  They did a great job.  
Test time!!
We moved onto our journaling time.  I asked them to describe and illustrate Hubble's Law.  Once again, they impressed me!
Moving forward we did quite a bit of math.  The kids used the Learning Palettes today.  It's SUCH  a fun and visual way to work through math.  We also did some workbook time to maneuver through some fact practice.
We discussed what is upcoming next week and that is a focus on our solar system.  It seemed to make sense after this week of how the Universe was formed to delve further into the planets & solar system. The kids are excited!!!  We're basically going to move chronologically through time and touch upon each time period and study it as in depth as possible.  

We had a few errands to run - one of which was getting a couple of new goldfish.  We've lost some in the last few months.  The kids were super excited!!  After we brought the fish home, we headed to our good friends house and they put together a mini-surprise party for Kendall!!  She was SO surprised!!  We are so blessed to have such dear friends in our lives.  There were balloons and beautiful pink cupcakes!  
Kendall then had her Acro class and a bit after that Ty headed off to his boys only hip hop, tap and jazz class.  It was an amazingly fun and fast week!!  We're looking forward to this weekend's celebrations!!

I'll be sure to share all of our fun with you!!

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