Wednesday, October 29, 2014



Today we're moving along as we started our day as most others.  I walked with Ari and got everyone up and ready for the day.  It was a beautifully warm morning for a walk and the sunrise was beautiful.
Today's journaling spilled over from yesterday's social studies lesson about the American flag.  We've been reading this book:
I asked the children to design a flag for their room.  I gave them fabric, stickers, glitter, and other art supplies and I love what they came up with!

Very busy designing...

Ty's write up

(I love how she spelled tissue and second! hehehe)  Those are now on the frequently misspelled list ;)
After this we had Ian come in (he was home for the morning as he had gum surgery this afternoon...such a bummer) and run through spelling words with them.  

We did more work and reading about Charles Darwin and continued to fill in the "Who Was" worksheet.  After this Kendall played a multiplication facts game on the computer while Ty had DEAR time.  I was making lunch while Ian got Ari up from his nap.
First, customize a Granny.  The more multiplication facts you solve the faster you go to win the race!
hahahah...the racing Granny game was so funny!
Hello world!!
Reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The kids and Ari had lunch and then we headed off to Elm Bank Reservation to meet a fellow homeschooling Mom and her lovely children.  It was BLISSFULLY quiet there during school hours and the kids played and played and played for about 3 hours!
staring at a passing train!  he was mesmerized !!
Ooooooooo!!  A tunnel!!!
tree climbing
Nesting chairs
Red-tailed hawk
He, too, sticks his tongue out when really concentrating!
Ya...It's about time to go home...
running running running!
Sittin' on the big chair!!
When we got home the children had a snack and a few minutes of rest and then Tyler did his computer math game and Kendall continued to work on her research project.  
He's playing a game that quizzes you on subtraction facts.  For each fact you get right you can move a puzzle piece into place to reveal the picture when you are done.  Super cute!!
This one's for Uncle Timmy and Auntie Audra!!
The children were eager to help with dinner.  I'd planned on nachos and they were so excited and basically did it all for me!
Learning how to cook!
Working hard!!
Ian is recuperating and I'm off to have parent special with Kendall (and Ty)!
Until tomorrow!

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