Monday, October 27, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood...

Good Monday morning to you!

Just *one* more day is all I ask of the weekend!  Just one more day!  =)  Alas, here we are on Monday!

The weekend was great!  Saturday night Kendall had a birthday costume party for some homeschool friends of hers.  Tyler has been asking repeatedly to go to, of all places, Newbury Comics!  LOL!!  I don't think I ever realized how inappropriate things are there!  I guess as a regular adult you don't realize how vast their stock of inappropriate items is but when you walk in there with children it almost hits you left and right everywhere you turn.  Thankfully Ty is still only interested in the stuffed animals, super hero figurines, funky hats and gloves and socks.  But I was on heightened alert for sure making sure to steer him in the right direction!  But the 8th grader in me (and my husband who was receiving the funny and inappropriate texted pictures of some of their items) was laughing very hard.
Little Red Riding Hood!
Ty and I at Inappropriate - I mean Newbury Comics
hahahahah...look at the title of the book he found!  We did not buy this but I must admit, I was tempted!  lol!
On Sunday morning I took my standard walk and then we had a wonderful day celebrating Grandma Sue's birthday!  We went to a beautiful state park near where we live and enjoyed the weather and then we went back and celebrated with a Patriots win, dinner and gifts.  It was a wonderful time!
Such a beautiful day!
my walking buddy!
Yes folks, that's MY jacket!  She's into borrowing some of my clothes - let me make it very clear - I am NOT borrowing hers!  ha!
My papoose!! 
So beautiful!
Handsomeness all around!!
The Winston Women!
Our pack!

This was WAY too funny not to take a picture of.  This is totally AWESOME!!!  (not my car)
beautiful cake!!
Jelly beans make waiting for dessert MUCH easier!
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!  
Make a wish!!
Is that CAKE?!?!  
I did not get a chance to walk this am as Ian had to leave early but I was able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather this afternoon to get one in!

Today was totally not our normal day as Kendall was invited to an all girls homeschool event at a friends house.  As much as it was hard for me to bend from our normal daily regimen, this is what homeschooling is about.  I want my children to branch out, try new things and meet new friends.  My dear friend Carla came and generously picked Kendall up as Ari naps in the morning so I would have been unable to get her there in time for the event.  Before Kendall went she was able to do her spelling words, some multiplication and her DEAR time.  I just knew that when she got back she'd be way too tired to delve back into schoolwork.  (as it turns out, I was correct!!  She was exhausted!)
More focus!
What's up punk?  
All of the books we read this morning!
totally snuggled down while Ari napped
I love his hand on my arm while we was so sweet and reminded me of when he was really little...sigh =)
working on multiplication!
helping me peel tomatillos for salsa!
While Kendall was at her gathering, Tyler and I read 6 books, he practiced his double digit subtraction, did his spelling words and had some drawing time.

We went to pick up Kendall from her gathering, came home and had lunch and I went for a walk with Ari and Katie.  Kendall and Tyler stayed home and rested.  Last winter Kendall took a home alone safety class and once in a while I will leave her here, sometimes with Ty, while I run up the street for a very quick errand or when I'm around the neighborhood.  It makes her feel SO proud and responsible.  We talk about not answering the door nor the telephone for anyone except me and Daddy.
After my walk and the children's rest time, they came into the classroom to read and draw.  
Kendall and I have Mother/Daughter book club tonight.  We've been reading a book called The Benedict Society.  It's a GREAT read but very long and verbose so we've not finished it yet but we're going to book club anyways.  I told Kendall that as long as she doesn't mind the end being spoiled by the dicussion tonight that it's fine if we go.  She said she's fine with it as she likes to go and do the craft and be with the other girls at the club.  Fine with me!!

Tomorrow should prove to be a much more regular day around these parts!  See you all then!

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